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How I Cook Healthy at Home in Real Life - and you can too!

My simple meal planning process in action! Sharing a quick summary of how I take my super simple meal planning process (in a previous video) and use in in real life, which I do almost every day!

((This is further explained in my program / challenge group that launches 9/16 -

The Basic Steps:

1️⃣Wonder what’s for dinner

2️⃣Figure out how much time I’ll have to cook

3️⃣Pick a protein and two sides out of what I have (either 1 or 2 veg / occasionally a whole grain)

4️⃣Either make recipe in our regular routine, or google “whole30 chicken dish” or “paleo chicken dish” (sub chicken for whatever protein I’m using) I choose those search terms because those are usually recipes with minimal and/or whole food ingredients

5️⃣I find a recipe with ingredients I already have or can easily swap

6️⃣Sear, steam or broil my side dishes with seasonings I like and a healthy fat (I don’t typically use recipes for these, I keep it simple!)

Today I tried a new recipe - tahini lemon garlic trout with roasted zucchini and salad with a peach vinaigrette. I would only give the fish a 7/10 so I will only share the recipe if someone wants it! 😉

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