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Healthy Habits Challenge

woman working out

Learn How to Enjoy the Holiday Season without Feeling Bloated & Out of Control

FREE 5 Day Challenge

In this FREE 5-Day Challenge, learn the tools to enjoy the holiday season (food and drinks included!) without feeling bloated and out of control. Because, who wants that?

I spent YEARS throwing all my healthy habits out the window over the holidays because “thats what you do” “its that time of year” and “its fun” until I realized it wasn’t adding anything to my experience - but was actually taking from it. When we feel our best, we can enjoy everything that much MORE! 

In this challenge - Learn AND practice what I now do instead.

The daily lessons, homework and lives video recording will be posted below once available. 

Day 1: The Steps to Success for Developing Consistent Healthy Habits

Written Lesson & Homework

Day 2: Taking Control of Your Life and Health

Written Lesson & Homework

Day 3: Creating your Plan

Written Lesson & Homework

Day 4: Following your Plan

Written Lesson & Homework

Day 5: Eat in a Way You Feel Good About

Written Lesson

See all lessons and video replays in the Facebook Group here

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