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Woman working out


woman working out

My Fitness Approach: Feel Good Fit Style

Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase lean muscle tone, or maintain your current weight, efficient workouts combined with healthy habit development and proper nutrition is key! 

My Feel Good Fit Online Plan focuses on efficient workouts and cross-training for women, with progressive training plans that continue to challenge and change your body. The workouts include weight training done circuit / superset style to increase calorie and fat burn, core work, low intensity steady state (LISS) and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio, and barre inspired workouts (low weights, high reps with a focus on core / lower body)  to keep you from getting bored!

The weekly plan looks something like this, but it is always changing! Fill out the form below to get your free 5-day workout plan, or contact me here to discuss working together, online or in person!

Day 1: LISS Cardio / Back, Shoulders Biceps

Day 2: HIIT Cardio + Core See a sample workout here!

Day 3: LISS Cardio / Legs See a sample workout here!

Day 4: HIIT Cardio + Core

Day 5: LISS Cardio / Chest + Triceps

Day 6 or 7: Barre Inspired Workout (Optional)

All workout programs are design by Atlanta based NASM Certified Personal Trainer with years of experience in individual and group fitness, in addition to program design.

woman doing exersize
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