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7 Day Health Reset: All the details!

Need a health reset?

I’ve been hearing from family, friends and many others that they need a health “cleanup” after a little too much baking, snacking, drinking, etc etc

It happens to all of us! We really want to get back on track, but just aren’t sure where to start. Sound familiar?

So I decided to share what I do for a quick reset when it comes to mindset, movement and nutrition.

If you follow the plan - a condensed down version of my overall lifestyle / program, you should see:

  • Decreased bloat

  • Improved digestion and energy

  • A kickstart to weight loss and healthy habit development

  • Reset on body and mind

  • Decreased inflammation (the root call of many chronic illnesses and health concerns)

  • Tastebud re-adjusment (without the added sugars and additives commonly present in our food, we can start to actually taste and appreciate the flavors of fruits, vegetables again, without excessive seasonings!)

THE GOAL - not to look at this as a crash diet, but as a path to creating the overall healthy lifestyle you want to continue on a daily basis - to look and feel your best every day, not just for 7 days.

GET THE DETAILS: In the video or outline below:

7-Day Health Reset (1)
Download PDF • 20.13MB

Food Group Breakdown
Download PDF • 6.81MB

Sample Meal Plan - 7 Day Reset
Download PDF • 136KB


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