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Broiled Salmon with Buttery "Breadcrumbs" a.k. The Best Salmon Ever

I'm back with another Whole30 and Paleo friendly salmon recipe, surprise surprise! But this one was SO good, I just had to share it. Meals like this are a big piece of my program, because you feel like your indulging while eating food that is providing benefits for your body and health (omega-3's/healthy fats ++) In my programs, I share and show you how to incorporate these into your daily life - so if that interests you - sign up to stay posted here!

The other reason I'm sharing this recipe, is because I'm entering it into the #VitalFarmsCookoff Contest - with the requirement of using less than 5 ingredients + their products. Another key feature of my programs and plans - they are EASY, SIMPLE and usually, QUICK! The goal is to help you create staple meals that you can switch up seasonings and flavors with, using staple ingredients, like the ones used in this recipe below!

This whole30 and paleo friendly salmon dish is made with 100% real, whole food ingredients and it's extremely nutrient dense - my ultimate goal!

But what if I don't like salmon? I bet this topping would also be great on chicken, and it's definitely delish on shrimp and veggies. I plan to try it out very soon and will keep you posted! But in the meantime, feel free to try it out and let me know what you think on instagram.

Why do I post so many Whole30 and Paleo Recipes? Simply because those are the recipes that use whole-food ingredients/are made of real food and free of dairy and grains (ex. almond flour, made from 1 thing - almonds, compared to breadcrumbs that are full of who knows what) but I know I don't need it in my body on a regular basis! Personally, I feel better when I don't consume excessive amounts of dairy and grains, and paleo/whole30 does not include them. So it makes it really easy for me to just google a quick recipe and make it - and I almost always have the ingredients! (List on my "favorites" page under "pantry staples")

I don't follow either way of eating 100% of the time, but I know the recipes tend to be delicious and nutritious. That's it! is that amazing salmon recipe I mentioned alllll the way at the top! Try it out, take a picture and tag me (@elenanicolehealth, and let me know what you think!

P.S. I served this with Italian roasted broccoli and a side of fruit, or made the full meal as pictured below - all in under 30 minutes with minimal ingredients!

Broiled Salmon with Buttery "Breadcrumbs"

(a.k.a The Best Salmon Ever - My current fave!)

Recipe Ingredients:



(I used 1 T, feel free to use more based on the size of your salmon/personal preference)

***Quick Cook Vegetables (Optional)

  • Bag frozen cauliflower rice