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A Few Favorite Pieces of Advice from my Health Journey!

Happy Wednesday!

Today I am sharing a few of my favorite pieces of advice/inspiration down below. These are thoughts, quotes and bits of wisdom I have heard or read over the years on my weight loss and health journey. I don't recall where they all came from, but some were inspired by Trent Shelton, and Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School.

Quotes and Advice to Live By...

  • 1% is so much more than nothing

  • Believing you are capable, commitment, and a hard why will take you further than any meal or workout plan

  • You can’t outrun your fork

  • Know what your doing and why your doing it

  • It all starts in your head

  • You can’t fix internal struggles with external solutions

  • The pain of staying the same has to be greater than the pain of change (your why has to be greater than your why not)

  • You won’t always be motivated, but determination, commitment and dedication can carry you through ..

  • If you think you have a consistency problem, you may have a commitment problem @trentshelton

  • On the other side of “impossible”, is a breakthrough waiting to happen

Let me know your favorite, save for when you need a little inspiration, or feel free to drop your own in the comments!

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