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Taco in a bowl! Whole30 and Paleo Friendly

I know we have all been get home from work (or you have been home working all day) and it is getting close to dinner time...and you have no idea what you are going to throw together..again.  Anyone?

Well I've got you covered with this #whole30 and #paleo friendly ground beef taco bowl recipe! Ready and on the table in under 30 minutes. The recipe only uses two pans - a cookie sheet and a skillet for super easy clean up also - My kind of meal!

Since my daughter and husband don't eat paleo, we just make some quick jasmine or brown rice or serve with tortilla shells. Half the time, my daughter just eats the plain “burger” with veggies and I don't even have to worry about it. 

Easy Meal Planning

By the way, whenever I happen to feel this way (what the heck is for dinner…) I think back to my ideal meal template (modified from the Whole30 / paleo plate) fill it in with what I have, decide on sauces/seasonings and (usually) I am good to go. 

My Ideal Meal Template

I follow the goal plate of 50% non-starchy veggies (broccoli, brussel sprouts, spinach, cauliflower, greens, etc.) 25% protein (chicken, fish, beef, tofu, turkey, etc.) and 25% starchy veggies or fruit (this is also where I would suggest someone sub in a grain if you would like to) and then healthy fats are used as condiments and toppings. It works super well for me and takes the guesswork out of meal planning! Try it out and let me know what you think! Interested in specific meal plans or guidance following this template? Contact me!

Whole30 + Paleo "Taco in a Bowl" Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

  • Grass - Fed Ground Beef (organic if possible. You can also sub turkey, chicken or other preferred protein here)

  • 3 T. Homemade Taco Seasoning

  • Mashed Avocado with salt, pepper,garlic powder, 1 t. Lemon (to taste)

  • 1 Red Bell Pepper, chopped

  • 1 Onion, chopped

  • Hot Sauce (because I put it on everything!)

  • 1 Bag frozen cauliflower rice (fresh is great, but sometimes frozen is needed when you are in a hurry.)

  • ¼ cup chicken bone broth

  • 1 T. tomato paste

  • 1 T. ghee (or healthy fat of choice - olive oil, avocado, etc.)

  • 1 T. oil (EVOO, avocado, coconut)

  • Spinach - chopped fresh or frozen 

Recipe Instructions

  1. Preheat oven to 400. Put chopped peppers and onions on parchment covered baking sheet. Toss with 1 T. oil, ½ T. taco seasoning. Adjust to taste with salt and pepper.

  2. Cook ground beef in skillet until almost browned, drain 95% of grease. Add 2 T. taco seasoning, hot sauce and any additional seasonings to taste. (I take some beef out here and save for my daughter without the hot sauce!)

  3. While beef is browning, cook microwave cauliflower rice - usually needs about 4-6 minutes in the microwave. Take out and pour in a bowl with ¼ c. chicken bone broth with chopped spinach. Heat an additional 1-2 minutes until chicken bone broth has evaporated.

  4. Mix cauliflower/ spinach rice with 1 T. taco seasoning, tomato paste, hot sauce, ghee and sea salt to taste. Portion into bowls.

  5. Layer beef over cauliflower rice, top with peppers and onions and mashed avocado.  

  6. Let me know if you try it out! I would LOVE to see your creations on instagram! @foodfitnessandmomlife

Cauliflower rice is modified and inspired by Christine's Clean Eats Mexican Cauliflower Rice :) check it out!

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