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How to reach your health goals with "good food" temptations all around you!

Sharing some tips on how to handle the “good food” all around you, with confidence, control and empowerment! (hint: it doesn’t mean avoiding the food or the people who have it)

The temptations/urges will always be there, but once we learn how to and handle them (the way we want to) we can handle ANY situation! (Wouldn’t that be amazing?!)

Right before I left working in my office - someone literally came up to my desk, tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I wanted a donut - Open box in hand with napkins for me to take one.. 

I said no thanks, turned back to my work, and realized how easy it was for me to decline. Then I thought about how at one point (not that long ago) it would have been a lot more difficult - and  the drama that would have ensued in my head. I would have went back and forth about eating one or not, the guilt, the calories, etc. etc. I would have obsessed over it. I would have gotten annoyed at my coworkers (or whoever had the “treats,” especially if I decided to have one and felt guilt after)

I hear questions like this every day - and I’m sure you guys do too! How in the world do we reach our health goals with all of these temptations? (Hint: it’s not avoiding them or blaming the people who bring the donuts in :))

What if I told you it would only be hard for a little while - then it would become almost effortless?

Here are the steps I take 90% of the time - to keep me on the path to eating with confidence, control and empowerment, whether it’s a donut or a kale salad. And you can too!

It isn't as much about eating the food or not, but evaluating if you want to, and how it will make you feel, and making an intentional decision from there.
  • SLOW DOWN - STOP. Take a breath before making any decisions or eating because it’s there.I remind myself that just because we see/hear about food, doesn’t mean we have to eat it. I pay *attention* to my thoughts and how I am believing this food will make me feel, without actually DOING anything.

  • MAKE AN INTENTIONAL DECISION (in my head - not with my hands on a plate) if I want to eat it or not, and how much. Remember we are in control - starting with our thoughts. (is it worth it? Will it leave me feeling how I want? Am I hungry/ is this food fueling me -or- is this food providing a rare or exceptional pleasurable experience?) In the case above - the coffee chain donuts - were doing neither - making it that much easier to decline them!

  • PLATE MY FOOD - I take the  portion of food that I DECIDE to eat, in whatever I have that is seperate from the serving dish/container, and enjoy it. This could be a napkin, plate, or even your hand.

  • LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT - If I take a bite or two and I’m not enjoying it  - I throw it out and be done with it

  • CHECK IN WITH YOURSELF - I evaluate how I am feeling  - and how I want to feel - are they the same? When I am tempted to go back for more - I ask myself: “will I really be happier/more content etc. etc.” with one more, or will I just want more and more?” The answer is almost always the latter. I remind myself - I’ve already enjoyed, and  that sometimes more isn’t better - its just more. 

  • REPEAT FOREVER - Repeat and Repeat, until it becomes a habit!

  • ACKNOWLEDGE THAT OUR GOALS ARE OUR RESPONSIBILITY we can control ourselves and our food choices, but not other peoples. Why should they have to stop eating foods they love, because we are choosing not too? Sure, we can request they don’t, but chances are you will be around temptations and “treat foods” at many times in your life where you won’t be able to request that. If you learn how to overcome the urge or eat with empowerment, than you will never have to worry about this happening, feel out of control or fearful of food, have to avoid situations or blame others for your choices/actions/results. 

  • PLAN AND DECIDE AHEAD OF TIME WHAT YOU WILL DO. When you can, this is key. As you read this post, you know that at some point in your life, you will experience this again. Whether it’s with your coworkers, friends, spouse or kids. If you make a plan ahead of time (like,now) of what you are going to do - it takes the thinking and guesswork out of it in the moment. It allows you to then rely on commitment and dedication to yourself, rather than willpower. Your plan can be going through the above steps, or whatever works for you. My husband has a chocolate chip cookie and cocktail almost every night. Yes, sometimes I see him and want one too, and sometimes o have one, but for me and my life:goals right now, that isn’t something I want to be doing. I could ask him to stop, or I could make a habit out of not partaking. The more you do it the easier it is! I hardly even notice him doing it anymore. 

Key takeaway - removing, avoiding or blaming the food, circumstance or person doesn’t solve the problem, but knowing how to handle / overcome the urges, and make empowered, intentional decisions is what its all about!

Let me know your thoughts on this!

Have additional questions or need guidance in reaching your health goals? Contact Me to see if one of my coaching programs is a good fit!


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