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Healthy Eating Made Simple: Cook Once and Eat x3!

Im all about simple and efficient meal prepping and cooking, so I hardly EVER cook and eat it for only one meal. Here is my typical process! Most of these options are paleo and Whole30 friendly, and they can be customized to be or not to be and modified for personal and dietary preferences!

Meal 1

This is usually dinner, which is a protein (chicken, ground beef, salmon or ground turkey or chicken - broiled, air fried, roasted, sauteed, crock-pot shredded, meatballs or burgers), and two roasted/broiled veggie sides. I change this up all the time, by switching up the veggie cut, seasoning, healthy fat and/or toppings.

Meals 2-3+

I usually select one of the following for each:


I use collard wraps, but you can use tortillas, grain free wraps, or anything that works for you to wrap up your leftovers!


Typically for me, these are over cauliflower rice or a spiralized veggie, with the roasted veggies and protein mixed in. I love to top these with a fried or poached egg and hot sauce, and my aioli if I have it! Sometimes this is the starting dish, and I go in the reverse with leftovers being one of the other options. You can switch this up in an unlimited number of ways - taco style, asian/sesame, curry, italian, and any other flavor combo you like!


Leftover roasted veggies and sometimes protein scrambled up in eggs or as a base for eggs in the morning - so good! 


I make my lefotver protein a salad with my homemade mayo/aioli and top or serve with leftover veggies


Leftover roasted veggies, seeds and/or nuts with a clean dressing, can seriously be the best! If I am having a kale salad, I ALWAYS massage the lettuce- it makes a world of difference and also makes it easier to digest. Top with a leftover protein, chop it all up and your good to go!

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