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How I'm Staying Motivated and Positive During "Coronavirus Craziness"

As I see and hear whats going on with the #coronavirus everyday, I also see how many people are fear-stricken, stressed and anxious about all of it. It's a crazy situation, and its easy to fall victim to our thoughts - which then have a domino affect on everything else - our feelings, actions and results.

As someone who is continuously on a path to improve and maintain my weight and health, I know how important it is to stay focused, motivated and positive, regardless of what's going on around me. So I wanted to share some tips and thoughts that have been helpful for me, in case they help anyone else!

One thing that I am focusing on that keeps me on track:

While the how and specifics may change, our what and why remains the same

Below are a few ways that I am staying motivated and positive during this time, and you can too!

1. Control Your Thoughts

I like to focus what I can do, and not what I can't, and to what I can control, and not what you can't. I am also paying attention to the types of content I'm consuming and how much, including conversations with people who only want to talk about the negativity. Of course its great to stay educated around what's going on, but the more negativity we fill our heads with the easier it will be to think negative thoughts. Look for the positives and opportunities, because there always are some!

While we can't control external circumstances (pandemics, people, etc.) we have full control over what we think about them, and how we allow them to make us feel. If we continue to think negative thoughts (i.e., our world is ending), our feelings, actions and results will be driven from that place.

2. Movement - All you need is your body

As I scroll through my social feeds, I see so many people asking how they will continue to workout with all the gyms closing down "indefinitely." Its helpful to remember that all we need to move is our body! We can get amazing bodyweight workouts in absolutely anywhere. With the internet at our fingertips and unlimited resources on sites like youtube, instagram, pinterest and many others, we have full ability to continue on with our workouts and movement as we were before, although it may look a little different.

We also have the opportunity to go outdoors and walk, run, hike, bike, etc. - many simple options that we forget about on a regular basis because many of them are less "intense." At times like this, they can serve as great alternate options to mix in. Sometimes we just have to "make it work" and focus on just moving compared to doing the perfect workout.

3. Intentional and Mindful Eating

We can always control what we put in our mouths and how much, and focus on eating more foods that fuel us and less of those that don't. This is also a perfect time to focus in on eating more intentionally and paying attention to what we are doing on a daily basis. What unwanted habits do you have? Which ones would you like to create?

4. Water

This is great time to begin or continue incorporating the habit of increasing your water intake, since many of us have more time at home and water is free and readily available. Carry a large water bottle or glass around with you all day, and have it within reach to remind you to continue to drink it each day.

5. Routines

I have been focusing in on keeping as many of my "routines" consistent with what they have always been. Although they may looking slightly different, the framework remains the same. Even though I am working at home don't have my commute, I am still getting up early and getting in my workouts. I am having my green smoothies for breakfast (or something else that fits my meal template), and overall am carrying on with my movement and nutrition as I always have.

The specifics are definitely different - my workouts are home based and often a run or workout in my living room - but I am getting them in! My meals are made with different ingredients, but they are fueling me and leaving me feeling my best.

At a time when everything around us is constantly changing and we have no idea what to expect, I think routines are something we can cling on to as a source of consistency in our lives - something we can almost always control.

Another benefit of maintaining our routines - we have one less thing to restart or stress about when we return to what will eventually be our new normal.

We can either reduce our stress, anxiety and overwhelm, or we can add to it.

Drop your thoughts below, and if you found this helpful at all - please share it with someone else who needs to hear/see it and make sure to tag me @elenanicolehealth

Need help with any of the steps above? Set up a free mini session with me! We can review your goals, concerns and obstacles, and I can make recommendations and suggestions on next steps.


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