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How to Get Re-Motivated To Work out and Eat Healthy When you Get Stuck

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

So awhile ago I was listening to Angie Lee’s podcast, about how to get energized, motivated or out of a funk when it comes to business-y type stuff.

I listened along, hoping to find some helpful hints for growing my health/fitness biz. And I did. But even better than that I realized how much it applies to keeping your motivation when it comes to health and fitness goals as well!

So below are the principles she discusses in her podcast, and how I have used them in my own life to keep myself motivated when I have thoughts like “I don’t feel like it” or “I don’t want to” or “I can’t.”

Think about what it would look like if it was effortless and fun. Ask yourself – what can I do to make this effortless, fun and/or easy? I always say this and have used it on myself many times. Sometimes I wake up and “don’t feel like” working out. So I ask myself what I would enjoy (or somewhat enjoy) doing. What would feel good in that moment, but still involve movement? Would that be a walk with a podcast? Would it be strength training or a dance class? I try to find an option that will leave me feeling great, but I can somewhat look forward to.

Who can help me with this.

Do you feel like you have tried and tried and you aren’t getting the results you want? Consider where you are getting stuck and who might be able to help. For me – once I started seeing a therapist everything started to turn around. I knew what I needed to do but was having trouble doing it along with a whole other list of things.  An outside perspective and professional in the mental health space allowed me to see where my roadbloacks were, and to work through them. This could be a therapist, personal trainer, health coach, or maybe even a community of people with similar goals.

Focus on the ROI and not the price tag

The price tag is the 30-60 minute workout a.k.a your time, or the cost of one of the professionals mentioned above. At first, it may seem like a crazy amount of time or money, and you may not think it seems worth it. But take a step back and look at the big picture – if you were to reach your goals and then some – and get out of the “stuck” place you are in now – would it be worth it then? For me, the answer was YES. Is it better to spend 30-60 minutes (the price tag) working out, or the whole day thinking about how you should have? (Trust me – Ive don’t both and the first one wins, every time.)

What would the person I want to “be” do in this situation

If you were already successful with your health goals – what would that look like? What would you feel, think, and how would you act? Focus on embodying that mindset and applying it to where your at. Can you change some of your negative, unhelpful or destructive thoughts to those that *this person* would be thinking?

Try this out and let me know if you find any of it helpful!

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