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Healthy Meal Planning Made Easy - The Feel Good Fit Life

Grocery shopping, recipe searching, list making, meal planning, prepping - How do you feel about it? Most of us want to eat "healthier" but we are overwhelmed by the process and it's easy to overcomplicate everything. But I have good news - it doesn't have to be that way!

Here's a brief summary of how I simplified my meal planning process!

The steps in my Healthy Meal Planning Made Easy:

1. Take inventory of what you have (check out my pantry staples for what I try to keep stocked or buy regularly)

2. Take a look at your schedule - when will you be home for meals?

3. Plan accordingly! I follow the Feel Good Fit Life (FGFL) Meal Guide, so I know I need a protein and two veggies (or one fruit/grain) for each meal that I will be home for, in addition to snacks and "extras" for my husband and daughter.

4. Make a list

5. Go Shopping! Try to stick to your list.

6. Meal plan based on what you buy

7. Use the fresh fruit and veggies first, and frozen second (as applicable)

8. Check dates on all your meats/perishables. Freeze anything you may run out of time to use - and defrost as needed.

Let me know your thoughts, and what meal planning process works for you! If you try this, make sure to take a pic and tag me! @foodfitnessandmomlife



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