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My thoughts on Adult "Snack Time"

A few years ago when I was working an 8-5 in an office, I LIVED for snack time. That sounds pretty funny when I read that back now - like something my 3 year old daughter would say. But seriously, I would have my breakfast in the morning, and count down the time until I "got to" have my small bag of raw almonds at 10am. It didn't matter if I was hungry or not, it was like my treat for making it halfway through the morning. Looking back on that now, I see someone who was likely unfulfilled with their work, and just needed a distraction or some "excitement" to change up the mundane routine.

The Turning Point

Then one day while working, I listened to a podcast where Kelly LeVeque was interviewed. Kelly is an amazing holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, and celebrity health coach in LA. If you haven't heard her speak or read her books, I highly suggest checking her out. Although I loved everything she said that day, her focus on blood sugar and comment on snacking really stood out to me....

“We’re not toddlers.” She said matter of factly about NEEDING to have snacks several times a day. Ever since then, I haven't looked at snacking the same. Why? Because IT’S SO TRUE! If we are honest with ourselves, when we have snacks it is usually because we are bored and/or looking for a distraction from something we actually have to or need to do. It’s usually not because we are hungry. Think about if you are doing that (honestly) and how it may be affecting your health goals.

My New Theory on Snacking

1. We are meant to eat when we are hungry. Period. Not because there are stale donuts on the breakroom table and we are bored.

2. If you are hungry, I always encourage making a snack a mini-meal, and/or incorporating two of the major macronutrient groups (fat, carbs,protein) If you can include a veggie, even better! This idea that came from my experience with the Whole30, and Kelly’s thoughts about blood sugar balance throughout the day.

3. Consider adding healthy fats, additional protein or fiber to your meals so they keep you full throughout the day!

The exception...

On the rare occasion, we find ourselves in a town we aren't often in, passing our absolute favorite bakery, popcorn, chocolate, whatever shop, and we just HAVE to stop in. Or maybe your friend wants to go for ice cream, your co-worker brought in amazing homemade brownies (can you tell I like sweets?) - you know, life stuff. 

This is when I would make an exception to the “have to be hungry” to eat rule...because eating good food is a part of life that I really enjoy - and I think you should too!

Now, if this starts to happen every day, you will have to make some choices and take a look at your priorities :)

So specifically what I do here? I try my hardest to go for a small portion and to stick to it. (Ill be honest, it doesn’t always happen, but I try) Maybe I will pack something up and take it home, maybe I won’t. Either way - I eat it, enjoy it, and move on :) 

In a nutshell - save “snack time” for when you are hungry or when you can’t pass up on amazing food (and keep your portions in check!) </